metropolen is a participative photo project of people in an urban context created by Kristine Thiemann.
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Croce verde is a non-profit health association offering emergency first aid assistance in accidents, disasters etc.

For the calendar of 2015 Kristine developed the concept and photographed the voluntaries.


The Scrobble by Kristine Thiemann is a giant game of Scrabble

Letters are replaced by photos and words by episodes.
Specially elaborated photographs are each printed on 20 cm x 20 cm wooden, magnetic tiles and combines into stories on 3 m x 3 m

metals boards, similar to the game of Scrabble. This allows the different incidents to visually come together in the form of intertwined narratives, like they would in real life.

veggie memorie

With a special procedure, the photos are printed on pretreated balsa wood panels that are fitted with magnets and processes them into double faced tiles.This vegetarian memory game was part of the exhibition "L'oeuil de desire" / "Eye of Desire" at the Paris "Galerie Brasilia" in 2007